We have returned! And President Obama still doesn’t have an icon in Doonesbury.

Hello everyone!

We are returning to the blogosphere after about a five month hiatus. We’ve made some changes to draw the focus in a bit tighter and make the blog even more useful.

First, we have spun off the religion part to its own blog. The new blog is broader than organized religion and includes a lot of Eastern philosophy, some secular concepts and great opportunities to add your own ideas on spiritual but hopefully unflakey topics. Take a wander over to God Swimming in God and you’ll see what I mean.

Second, we’ve moved the section on links, books and articles about the topic of the day to its own page rather than part of a side panel. You may have noticed that those helpful suggestions disappear when a new post shows up, so you’re likely to have Google books with a Doonesbury post – not helpful!

And third, we have a new look. More “active white space” and cooler fonts. We’ll live with it awhile and see what we think.

One of our most popular posts, which still continues to get a lot of hits, asked the question of when President Obama was going to get an icon in Doonesbury. While we know there are weightier issues in the world, we think this one at least ranks up there with the question of whether Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes make her “the Queen of Halloween.”

After all, satire is one of the bedrocks of healthy political discourse and it matters if one of our longest-lasting and cherished political cartoons, now 39 years into examining the underbelly of presidents, wars and party schools, can’t come up with an fitting icon for the current leader of the free world.

After all, W was shown with his first icon quickly after the election – before he was even sworn in. On January 1, 2001, the asterisk under the cowboy hat appeared – while hanging chads (remember?) were still being counted even though the Supreme Court had spoken.


In contrast, not only does Obama not yet have an icon, it wasn’t until May 30, 2009  that he spoke from the White House in Doonesbury, not counting his December 7, 2008 meeting with W after the election in which he promised to keep  safe Bush’s secret of not aging over the past eight years – “don’t sweat the small stuff,” or, it seems, the big stuff.


Granted, that was a small slap at Barack “The One” Obama, but clearly a bigger hit at Bush – and McCain. So the question becomes, is Obama getting too much of a free ride from this admittedly left-leaning strip? In the year since the election, only ten days of Doonesbury have dealt directly with Obama.

Full disclosure – Doonesbury is one of my favorites. But c’mon, Garry! Equal opportunity satire is the best. Remember Clinton’s waffle? You can do it!

We’re out of pixels now, but over the next few days, we’ll look at how Trudeau has treated several presidents in their first year or so,  back to when Nixon was president and Doonesbury was first sent forth by Universal Press Syndicate on Oct. 26, 1970.

Thanks to GoComics for the archives. Check the tabs across the top for information formerly found on the side panels.

About jeanlatzgriffin

Jean Latz Griffin is the owner of CyberINK, a small business that produces quirky skeleton-themed products. She has finished the first draft of a historical fantasy and received comments from her agent. She has turned to Orson Scott Card for tips on the second draft. She is author of "In the Same Breath," and "One Spirit: A Creation Story for the 21st Century." She has a certificate in creative writing from the University of Chicago's Writers Studio. Griffin is a member of the growing community of former Chicago Tribune reporters, enjoys Weekend Writing Warriors and the Story Studio in Chicago. Her Sheltie, Thunder, likes to "type" on her computer keys, and Dr Wu, a Weimaraner, likes to lick her ear when she is trying to think. Her husband passed in June of 2011. Her three fabulous grown sons live nearby. She plays violin in an amateur string orchestra.

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  1. Trudeau should go after Obama as much as he went after Bush, Bush, Reagan, Clinton…Just as Bill Maher and Jon Stewart should (and, I think, do) take as many jabs at each President, regardless of party affiliation. It is much easier to defend satirists when they are equal-opportunity offenders.

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