About us

CyberINK is an independent publisher and PR firm that designs and sells quirky skeleton stuff and provides writing, design and strategy services.

Owner Jean Latz Griffin was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune for 21 years. She has worked as a political strategist and teaches journalism at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Her research interests are political marketing and new media tools, including social networking.

Griffin’s research at Roosevelt into the Obama campaign’s use of new media  has been published in the university’s IMC Review – Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications.

CyberINK‘s products include two of Griffin’s books, In the Same Breath, illustrated by Christine Tobias, and One Spirit: A Creation Story for the 21st Century, illustrated by Jane Gaunt. A DVD of One Spirit includes meditation guides and a section on creation myths from many societies and traditions. Note cards and totes have been created using Gaunt’s art from One Spirit and will be availble through the CyberINK website and in fine bookstores soon.

The blog God Swimming in God explores and expands upon issues in the books and DVD.

Among the quirky skeletons products are posters and back editions of calendars, good for framing. Mugs, mousepads and other skeleton-related items have been created in conjunction with the The Franklin Institute in Philiadelphia for their “Body Worlds” exhibit, which runs through mid-February. Similar items will be available through the CyberINK website soon.

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