Old gray lady launches a hot pink news wire. Let us hope for synergy!

By Jean Latz Griffin The New York Times launched “Times Wire,” yesterday, and I learned about it when executive editor Bill Keller tweeted about it on Twitter. Bigger bloggers saw it coming, but even newbie bloggers like me – and all the other 1,293 people following Keller (NYTKeller) on Twitter – got the info straight […]

Each religion finds its thread in Star Trek, Roddenberry intended none.

By Jean Latz Griffin Ethan Nichtern, a self-described “Buddhist Geek,” makes no apologies for his over-the-top enthusiasm for the new Star Trek movie. “I’m so frackin’ excited,” Nichtern wrote in One City: A Buddhist Blog for Everyone. “I have always been a fan of the SciFi genre, which might seem like a weird thing for […]